Salon massage thẩm mỹ ~ ス パ 箱根 ~

Nằm trong khu vườn Ten-yu, AN-SPA Hakone là nơi bạn có thể làm mới cả tâm trí và cơ thể.
Đó là một lòng hiếu khách hoàn toàn của Nhật Bản mà rải rác thủ công Nhật Bản có điều kiện sang trọng.

AN-SPA Hakone chỉ được đặt trước.

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"Shiseido Qi" Aesthetic Therapy Body

This treatment combined a western style treatment - relieves the tension of mind and body, with an eastern style treatment - regulates the flow of energy. The "Qi energy" can promote a good blood circulation and lead the body to relax deeply .
16,500 JPY ~ / 50 minutes ~

Aromatherapy Body

Our specialty original aroma oils are refined from Japanese plants. Its natural healing power and faint aroma make both body and mind feel relaxed and happy. You could choose your favorite fragrance oil from 3 kinds of essential oils.
15,500 JPY ~ / 50 minutes ~

"KAGAE WAKAN" therapy

Heal tired body with famous brand oils extracted from Oriental plants. Gives shine to bare skin and restores natural brightness. Also refreshes and rejuvenates the skin to its best condition.
*Facial or Body care course can be chose for a 50-minute treatment
*Only body care course for a 80-minute/100-minute treatment
16,500 JPY ~ / 50 minutes ~

Dry massage / In-Room Dry massage

The manipulation of soft tissues in the body. 
This "Shiatsu" massage course applied with hands and fingers. 
Press the body to promotes the natural healing power inherent.
* Dry massage is available at 1st floor SPA room or in guest room (In-Room dry massage).
* The fee of In-room dry massage is 1,000 JPY higher than doing Dry massage in SPA room. 
7,300 JPY ~ / 40 minutes ~